Saturday, February 10, 2007

six things...

The lovely Liana tagged me to reveal six things not yet mentioned about myself, i was so relieved that it wasn't the weird things meme and that i wouldn't have to discuss the matching pegs...

So here goes (apologies to those of you who already know these things.)

#1 I used to sing in a band, fleetingly, seems like such a long time ago now. I have always loved to sing and one of my greatest childhood experiences was being part of a school choir. Our teacher was so wonderful and she imparted such a love of music to us all, it was a great gift.

#2 On the rare occasions that I am home on my own, I like to listen to my favourite music really really loud. The last time it was Stereolab "Mars Audiac Quintet"

#3 We have a fledgling collection of Dinosaur Designs pieces. I've always been a fan, stamp-boy was convinced after we visited the retrospective together a few years ago.

#4 I'm not a morning person. 3191 makes me wish I was.

#5 Last year I was on the local news in a story about the benefits of counselling for young women with breast cancer. I can't say enough about how counselling sessions helped me to cope with my experiences in the last year. I have learned things that will guide me for the rest of my life.

#6 One of the reasons the blog has been so quiet of late is that we are quite busy toilet training Miss A. It's going very well but I feel like I'm at the potty every five minutes! The big-girl bed is next, our baby is growing up!

You can see that I got some of Liana's wonderful vintage knitting needle bracelets for Christmas, love love wearing these!

Happy weekend friends!


Nichola said...

I know just what you mean about visiting the potty every five minutes, infact i was interupted reading your post to go

lisa s said...


i wish i was a morning person too [and i'm being forced to be and it's not working]


momo said...

Just found your blog.
Very nice!

Good luck with the toilet training.

Liana said...

Thanks Sarah. You are such a sweetie.

I can so seeing you singing in a band. Singing is certainly not a talent of mine.


Bel said...

Oh my god - I though my mum was the only person in the world that has to match her clothes pegs, both with each other and the clothes. I don't do that of course (at least not when I think about it - it's a habit I'm trying to break. I'm in denial).

fiona said...

Hello! I'm totally with you on #4. And singing? So wonderful (I played bass guitar in a band, too for a very short time!!) Hope the toilet training is going well! xo

leesa said...

Singing and sewing! - how talented! Toilet training is happening over this here neck of the woods too, some days are great, other days not so great!

shannon said...

We are toilet training too- it's going pretty slow and messy! I can't wait for the far off time when we buy our last packet of nappies.