Monday, April 19, 2010

of fabric and paper...

in late december, i saw bright star and it's first moments quite literally took my breath away. if you have a love of textiles and paper {and of course a wonderful story} then i am in no doubt that you will love this film.

in february, perfect folded valentines were on my mind. i found this pattern via design*sponge.

in april, the current issue of selvedge inspires me.

and speaking of fabric, my friend momo is having a pop up shop this saturday 24 april at the always lovely nook. i can't wait!

wishing you a delightful week friends...

Monday, April 12, 2010

the time of year...

when i like to crochet,


more than usual,

it seems much too hot in summer to be working on large pieces, i find myself busy with smaller projects {one can never have too many dishcloths right?}

now that the weather is turning cool these blankets are perfect to snuggle under while they are finally completed.

regular visitors will know all about the first one, the longest project in the history of craft blogs! you will be pleased to know it is so so nearly finished!

the second is pattern adapted from 300 crochet patterns {#20} it's a smaller size worked in cream cotton, i am currently adding a double crochet border and then it will be finished as well...

happy autumn!