Tuesday, September 27, 2005


well done jacqueline and mandy, we were indeed fred and wilma!
we had a yabba dabba do time at the party, especially as our friends the rubbles came too...it's amazing how much easier karaoke is when you are wearing a wig, they even had our theme song along with all my favourite 80's tracks...anyway i'm going to stop now before i really embarrass myself...


Frances said...

Ahh. The 80s. I was at Camberwell Market on the weekend and overheard a stall seller say to a girl ''Those beads are vintage - from the 80s''. Noooooooo

suburbansider said...

ha ha! funny!!!
I WISH people I knew had parties like that to invite me to - sounds like fun! As long as you didn't have to drink and drive your own 'foot powered' car home - that would have been a disaster.